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What Type of Service Do You Need?

Let Us Help You Determine The Level of Service Right for you.....

Do you need support and assistance with all the planning from the beginning of the process to the day after the wedding? Do you not have an extra 250+ hours of time to invest in your wedding? Do you simply want to avoid getting bogged down by the little details or be sure you've covered every detail, you're best served by using a Full Service Bridal Consultant package. 

Are you doing your own planning but want some assistance those last few weeks to be sure it all goes the way you want? Do you want to enjoy the day with your friends and family rather than having them off doing the work instead of spending time with you? Or, worse yet, do you want to avoid doing the work yourself when you should be relaxing and savoring your long awaited wedding day? Then you will be delighted with our Day Of Directing packages. 

Do you need to have the same advantages you would expect by have an onsite wedding planner on your wedding day but will be using friends and family to do the work? Would you love to have some professional advice while doing your own planning to make sure you get the benefit of working with a seasoned and well-qualified wedding expert? In that case, Bridal Coaching, is a perfect fit for you. We work with you, by the hour, to assess your wedding plans and prepare your own people to handle your wedding day. 

Are you just getting started or in the middle of the planning process but feeling lost or overwhelmed? Do you need a list of vendors that are exactly matched to your needs, a budget overview, a planning timeline? What about a design or floor plan? Perhaps a way to take your ideas and show you how to make them real? Wouldn't it be great to discuss your wedding with a professional without the pressure of a sales pitch or contract? Then our Individualized Initial Consultation is exactly what you need to make sure you're starting on the right foot, or, get your past that wedding planning hurdle you are facing.

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