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Bridal Coaching and Do It Yourself Programs

Not every wedding needs a full service planner or even day of services.

For some, simply having access to an experienced professional is all the support they need.

We are proud to offer a unique set of services just for these situations! 

Bridal Coaching is by the hour, customized, face to face time with a Bridal Consultant. This time is never generic, but, is instead geared to exactly YOUR wedding. Do you have a lot of ideas but no idea how to make them real? What about having tons of family and friends to help but you need them to actually know what they are doing when they get there? Maybe your venue has some unusual quirks or a family situation requires delicate handling. Whatever you need, we can coach you and your team of helpers to make sure that your wedding is as easy and stress free as possible.

Consultant services are $75 per hour. You can always pay for your coaching time on hour at a time. However, most Coaching candidates know they will need more than just an hour of time. When purchased in 5 hour blocks of time, you can receive a better value on those hours. The hours can be used however you need...spread out over several months or in a special marathon decide what's right for you. Coaching time is not on-site Wedding Day services. If you need help at the wedding itself, look at our Day of Only or Full Service Bridal Consultant programs. Contact us if you need help determining which service is right for you.

When you are ready to have a professional guide you through this planning process and are ready to get started with a customized Coaching program, let us know.

Prepaid Bundles of Coaching Time:

5 hours ($375 retail value) $300

10 hours ($750 retail value) $550

15 hours ($1125 retail value) $750  

Contact Us Today!

We want to learn about your event!

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