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Wedding Jump Start

Did you just get engaged?

Did you set a date but haven't done much else?

Have you started researching your locations and find yourself at a standstill?

Are you planning something unique and want some 'out of the box' ideas?


This is a special package of our services intended to help get those all so important major elements in place, without obligating you for any further services.

You will receive:

The research, on-site walk throughs and contract negotiations needed to secure your Ceremony and Reception Venue.*

A Full Initial Consultation along with an Exit Consultation at the end of the package: this give us plenty of opportunities to make sure you know what to do next when this service is completed.

Specific vendor referrals and introductions for the two most important wedding professional categories for you.

A guarantee of at least 5 hours of professional time with our qualified Professional Bridal Consultants, a $ 375 value.

All this for only $250!  

Why can we do this? Primarily because while it may take an average wedding planner or a non-professional 10-20 hours or more to do the research needed, finding the right match for a wedding's needs is a simple and quick process for us in most cases. We already know capacity, costs, pros vs. cons and very often even availability of so many locations in this market because of our extensive experience

We are very passionate about weddings and about helping Brides and Grooms find their dream. Offering this Wedding Jump Start Package gives us a chance to do what we love, and, share our knowlege with others. Its a win-win for everyone!

Securing a Jump Start package is quite simple. Just call us to set up a time to meet, we sign a very simple contract that details everything you will receive from us and we're off and running. We contact the venues, take you to meet and view your locations and just like that...your major elements are secured and in place. We do not ask you for any further commitments.  

If you don't have your venues or major vendors yet, if you don't even know where to begin...lets get your wedding jump started and running!

Contact Us Today!

We want to learn about your event!

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