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The Initial Consultation: A Great Way to Start

If you are considering hiring a bridal consultant or wedding planner.....

If you are considering planning your wedding yourself....

If you are in the middle of planning your wedding and are 'stuck' or ready for a professional check up on your progress....

If you are facing a specific wedding planning issue....


At this meeting, where you are free to bring along anyone you choose, we will review and assess your entire wedding.

We will discuss your budget, give you vendor referrals specific to YOUR needs, give you a basic planning checklist and create a plan of action for you. In most cases, you leave our office with actual brochures and promotional material from the vendors we recommend for you.  

Our promise to you is that we will not create a high-pressure sales environment at this meeting. We will focus on you and your wedding. You will be inspired, educated and informed as to your next steps.

We proudly charge a $75 fee for this meeting because we know that the quality of the information you will receive is worth so much more. We don't need to lure anyone in with a promise of a 'free consultation' to simply spend your time pitching you on our services. Let us get to work for you right away...with no further commitment. We even promise we won't follow up with unwanted sales calls.

Contact Us Today!

We want to learn about your event!

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