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Wedding Day Management

For those couples that need professional assistance only on their wedding day. This is an excellent option for the budget conscious or to ensure that friends and family won't have to 'work' your wedding day. 

We offer our Wedding Day Management Services as a package that has been designed to accommodate most weddings and we will custom quote for any wedding that needs a different approach. There is a minimum expenditure of $550 for Saturday events not covered by a package and are billed at $60 per consultant hour and $30 per assistant hour.

In our experience, "Day of" Directing is a misnomer. It is virtually impossible to show up on the Wedding Day and supervise or handle all activities with only a brief meeting a week or so in advance and achieve the level of service we demand for our clients. For that reason, we include a certain number of planning hours to provide a more comprehensive approach. We prefer to touch base with you not just to familiarize ourselves with your plans, but, also to provide expert guidance to ensure that your planning is most effective.  

Your packaged hours may be used on the day of or the day before your wedding, they are not limited to only the day of. This covers the weddings that allow for set up and decorating ahead of time

All Wedding Day Management packages include a detailed timeline of the events of the wedding, including the arrival and exit time of all vendors in addition to the highlights like the grand entrance and cake cutting. We also will confirm all vendors details the week of the weddings.

Each package covers a specific number of Consultant hours. You may choose to purchase additional consultant hours during the planning phase of your wedding or for the Wedding Day itself. You may also purchase additional time to augment your package if your wedding is a bit longer or more extensive than the package allows.

Assistant hours are not included in any package, as this can vary widely from one wedding to the next. We work with you to be certain that any services being provided by other vendors are not being duplicated by our labor so that your expenses are controlled. You receive a detailed labor estimate in advance. These hours are paid for prior to the wedding so you don't have any surprise costs after the wedding. It is our policy to have one assistant on site for every hour the consultant is onsite at a minimum, although some exceptions are made as needed. An average wedding will have 20 to 35 assistant hours. Typically, a larger crew is brought in at the beginning to facilitate a timely set up, and the crew is reduced as needed during the reception. Whenever tear down can be extensive or labor intensive, a smaller crew is brought back in to supplement as needed. When appropriate, we will work with your family and friends to minimize paid labor if you desire.

 Due to our vast experience with weddings and special events, our estimates are incredibly accurate. We guarantee that any estimated (paid for) but unused hours will be refunded. The only time you would have to be concerned about unplanned assistant or consultant hours billable after the wedding is if something very extreme happens like the reception end time being extended unexpectedly or if other vendors (or family) fail to provide a planned service. did read that correctly, that means that WE stay, WE step in...even if that wasn't part of the original plan. We are committed to giving you the perfect day.

As a further benefit (as if stress-free wedding days weren't benefit enough,) the Wedding Day Management services entitles you to our benefits program of wholesale pricing on wedding supplies like invitations, vendor discounts and the use of our inventory at no additional fee. The benefits program includes a wedding planning website for your use and a second wedding site to share with guests. Packaged weddings also get a discount on any additional time they may choose to purchase. This means that most of our clients save 50% or more on our fees.

Payment Terms: Most packages require 50% down and the balance to be paid 60 days in advance of the wedding day. Additional Consultant Event Day hours are billed at the discounted rate of $60/hour and Assistant hours are billed at $25/hour. Assistant Hours are due 30 days in advance.

Package Rates

Month of Directing Services $2200

  • 11 Consultant Hours for the Wedding Day and Rehearsal
  • 10 additional Consultation Hours during your planning
  • 3 hours timeline creation and vendor confirmation
  • 4 hours load in/out time (2 Consultant, 2 Assistant)
  • 2 hours rental returns

Onsite hours day of must be used consecutively. There will be an additional $100 fee to 'split' the time. Any time after midnight may be subject to being billed at time and a half.

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