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Professional Bridal Consultant

You will remember your Wedding Day for a lifetime. 

Make sure your memories are of celebrating your wedding, not working it.

A Professional Bridal Consultant is more than a luxury. She is an expert, entrusted with your best interest, that will guide you through a complex and significant life-altering event. Buying a house is a complex and significant life-altering event, most people hire a professional to assist them through that process. Your wedding is important to you and deserves the attention of a professional. You'll be able to relax and focus on your day, not the details.

The choice is yours...

Do you want to try to do the research yourself, calling off websites and the phone book or talk with an expert that can help you assess your options quickly and effectively?

Do you want to handle the planning on your own, hoping you aren't overlooking something or with an experienced expert to serve as sounding board and resource - who can ensure that you get to enjoy all the 'fun parts' and minimize the effort?

Do you want to spend your wedding day orchestrating with numerous wedding professionals, leading the decorations team, supervising and directing the bridal party and family or relax with your friends and family, relishing in each moment secure that your wedding is going precisely as you had wished?

Bridal Consultant Services:

Bridal Consulting:

This term applies to any service related to the planning or administration of your wedding or associated parties. This could be simply go over vendor information together to onsite decorating and supervision.

$75/hour or priced as part of a custom package

Custom Packages Structured in Three Levels: Standard, Deluxe or Premium

Click here to learn more about our full service packages:

Wedding Day Management aka“ Day of  Directing"

We come on the day of and/or before your wedding and simply follow through your with the wedding plans as you’ve made them. We can meet deliveries, set up, tear down and all things between.

$75/hour or package pricing

$750 Minimum for Onsite Day Of Services on Weekends and Holidays

Click here to learn more about  Wedding Day Management Services:

Bridal Coaching

One on one time with our trained consultants giving you specific instructions on how to create your own wedding plan and implement it. Can be purchased one session per time or in packages.

$75/hour or package pricing available.

Budget Planning:

Research and guidance on ways to extend your budget’s buying power

and in setting priorities


Rehearsal Planning

We can plan, supervise or assist with either your wedding rehearsal or party.

$60/hour or package pricing

All services can be customized into a package rate for a special discount.

Perfect Touch is honored to be a trained by the Association of Bridal Consultants.

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