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Officiant Fees and Services

We are honored for your consideration of allowing us to provide the officiant to preside over your wedding ceremony.

Our philosophy is simple: every couple should be allowed as much (or as little) involvement in their wedding ceremony as they desire.

Every wedding ceremony script is customized, every couple meets with their actual officiant and each officiant is professional in appearance and demeanor. This ensures that you will get the type of ceremony and officiant you really doesn't get any easier than that. 

Standard officiant services fee is $190, with an additional $50 if a rehearsal is desired. There is a small upcharge for peak season events. Locations outside of Wichita may incur a modest drive fee, ask for details on your location. Scroll down for full details on what is included in our service.

We proudly welcome all couples, we know love is love.

How to get your officiant services secured: 

We require a $50 retainer (non-refundable) to secure your date. The balance of your fee is then due 60 days prior to your wedding date. Please note that your ceremony script will not be emailed until final payment has been made.

When you are ready to secure services, contact us (316-524-3131 or )

 We will email (or mail) you a contract and a workbook to help begin the process for selecting your ceremony. You return the contract and retainer to us. Once we've received the retainer, you contact us at your convenience to schedule your in-person vows consultation. 

Your vows consultation can also take place over the phone if distance or schedules do not allow. The in person vows consultation is a courtesy we offer, you are not required to use this portion of your service. If you do not come in for the vows consultation, we will select a ceremony for you.

Standard Fee ($190*) for Officiating a Wedding will include:

        Driving time within city limits of Wichita

          In-person vows consultation (1 hour),

          Creation of Ceremony by officiant (Up to 2 hours);

          Detailed Script for Final Approval (after final payment),

          including Processional and Recessional notes & Simple Revision

          Officiate Wedding Ceremony

          Complete and Mail Marriage License

          Creation of Order of Service for the Program, if desired

          Assistance with Processional, Recessional and Song Selection

          Information on obtaining the license

*Please note: Due to high demand, weddings scheduled for

Friday evenings or Saturdays during "peak seasons" are subject to an additional $20 fee for Officiating and $10 Additional for rehearsal. Peak season is May,  October and major holidays. Please inquire about your particular date.

Additional Fees for:

  • Basic Rehearsal (1 hour within city limits) $75 ($25 additional during peak season)
  • Additional Time at Rehearsal billed at $50/hour, up to 2 additional hours
  • Additional Drive time: Billed at $60/hour, billable in 30 minute increments. Drive time in excess of 60 miles will also be assessed a fee equal to the actual cost of gas. All Drive time fees are subject to a charge equal to the actual cost of gas should the price of gas exceed $4.00/gallon on the day of the wedding.
  • $20 per event drive fee for Haysville, Mulvane, Derby, Goddard, Andover, Park City (applies to locations a maximum of 20 minute drive time each way from your officiant's Wichita address.)
  • We reserve the right to adjust the drive time fee for "in the country" locations that may list any of these cities as their postal address.
  • Events requiring an overnight stay will require expenses for hotel and possible per diem, call for more details.
  • Expanded Ceremony Writing (for complex ceremony creation or research above and beyond reasonable drafts and changes.) $50/hour
  • Program Layout for those that want our services to assist them with the creation of their program. $50/hour.

All officiant clients receive a generous discount on wedding invitations.

Looking for something small, quick and incredibly simple?

Ask about our $75 No Frills Wedding special.

Not valid for weekend weddings on Fridays after 4:00 p.m., Saturday, or Sundays. Additional $25 fee for Weddings after 5:00 p.m. on Weekdays.

This special does not include customized wedding ceremony or an in person vows-consultation, but you will get to set the tone and feel of your ceremony. This special is valid only at our offices or a location of our choosing. $25 fee for a Wichita location outside of our offices or our discretion.

This is intended as an alternative to the Courthouse Wedding, for those couples seeking a very simple short ceremony and/or license signing. 2 witnesses are required. If you do not have witnesses, we can provide them, at an additional fee.

Please call us for more information. 316-524-3131

Additional Services:

Blessings of Sacred Space including Ceremony or Reception Site, New Homes or Offices

Funerals or Memorial Services

Christening or NameBlessings

"LandMark" Ceremonies: Divorce, New Journey or Move, College, Parenthood, Coming of Age

About our Wedding Officiants

We feature several wedding officiants, all experienced and well-trained. Our goal is to provide quality, customized wedding ceremony services to match the needs of every wedding.

We do not require pre-marital counseling. You get full control over what is or isn't said at your ceremony. This gives you complete piece of mind about the most important part of your wedding day...the marriage ceremony!

We will present each couple sample ceremonies based on their style preferences. They will get the chance to either select a ceremony they prefer or pick and choose the pieces of each they like so we can create a custom ceremony for them. We can also write a ceremony entirely from scratch for them if they'd prefer. We can present ideas for special touches like including children, honoring loved ones, unity candles and much more.

Before the ceremony, we will present a 'script' for their approval of the entire wedding ceremony. Script is presented to the couple after their final payment has been made.The couple can then request modest changes/additions or revisions.

Day of the ceremony, each couple can be sure that the officiant will arrive on time, professionally attired and conduct the ceremony in a clear, pleasant voice. We consider this commitment to be of the highest priority. There are backups and procedures in place to ensure that even in the event of the rarest personal emergency, you will not have to worry that an officiant will be unable to attend your ceremony.

Our officiants are willing and capable of performing ceremonies of all types from very traditional or religious to non-denominational to civil. We honor all religions.* Some have experience with hand-fastings or commitment ceremonies. All are also capable of vow-renewals. You will find us to be a perfect touch for your wedding ceremony.

Please Note....None of our officiants are priests with the Catholic Church and therefore we can not provide Nuptial Mass.

*We reserve the right to not enact the rites of any religion that would cause harm to others or animals. We respect the fact that those rituals may be inherent to specific religions and do not imply that any of those rites or religions are invalid, but, simply state that our officiants are not adequately suited for these atypical circumstances.

Vows Consultation

For those couples that simply need assistance in writing or creating their vows, but, do not need someone to perform(officiate) their ceremony we offer a vows consultation service.

We can meet with you in person or work together via phone or email. We'll review your particular needs and situation then provide either selections for your approval or a draft script. We can also assist you in creating special ceremony elements to honor loved ones passed, symbolize significant people, or to include children in your order of service.

$50 per hour.

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