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Bridal Consultant Basics

  • What does a Bridal Consultant Do? (Short Version)

While the detailed list of a Bridal Consultant's job duties is several pages long, in short, the answer is that a Bridal Consultant assists a couple in ALL aspects of planning their wedding. From the obvious, like selecting venues and vendors, to the subtle, like working out what gifts to get for whom and when to give them. A Bridal Consultant is a trained and qualified wedding expert. from the toolbar.

  • Do I Still Get to Make My Own Choices?

Absolutely! It is, and ALWAYS is, your wedding (or other event.) Ultimately, you have final decision on every aspect. It is your wedding, your money, your experience. The Bridal Consultant's task is to guide and inform you, to take over the work aspects, to inspire you and to make your 'visions' attainable. It is never the Bridal Consultant's job to inform YOU of how your money will be spent, what your wedding will look like or in anyway wrestle control of your Special Day away from you, or, anyone else you would like to have input.

  • Won't a Bridal Consultant Take Away from my Wedding Budget?

No! Between our benefits program and the many cost-saving ideas we can provide, you definitely will get more with your budget than you would on your own. Remember, too, the amount of money you'll be saving by avoiding common, but, costly, mistakes. You benefit from our experience and connections at every step of the way.

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